Sunday, May 23, 2010

CMI: Shrek Forever After

Trust me, you need the 3D glasses.

"Every frame of this film reeks of a project that has been conceived and executed...[.Y]ou’ll pay to see it. ... Fans of all ages deserve ... "Shrek Forever After” ... [.]"

"Somewhat clever, heartfelt and much darker than its predecessors, but it's ultimately ... as diverting as it could have been."

"After the frantic spurt..., this one inches along with ... the occasional mild ... symptom of the lazy ... trickles across every limp page of this fantastically ... terrific ... story line."
Kyle Smith
New York Post

"[Shrek Forever After] may not be especially funny; it may not have any tremendously compelling reason to exist; the story may be put together like a scarecrow, crudely patched together pieces that keep threatening to fall apart; everybody involved in the cast may sound like they could barely keep their eyes open for the recording session; but by God, it's ... the last one."
Tim Brayton

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