Friday, December 24, 2010

CMI: Yogi Bear

Leaving so soon, Ranger Smith? Sit down, take a load off! Boo-boo, turn on my Barry White mixtape.

Um, thanks for the dinner, Yogi, but we don't really know each other well enough to--

Sit your sweetness down, Smith.

I... Okay.

"Yogi Bear is aggressively ... kind. [Y]ou need to fear ... Vengeance."

"Yogi Bear can claim all he wants... [H]is latest big-screen incarnation is uncomfortably close... [and] looking... even more satisfying."

"The best that can be said is that it's a 'cute' ... moment when Yogi tells the lovestruck Mr. Ranger ... to urinate on her."

"Picture Timberlake in the booth recording his lines and you have the best ... icky things popping out of the screen."

"[R]eferences to flatulence and urination are made. ... [T]he art of the... mysteries of the gastrointestinal system..., I will happily celebrate."