Thursday, July 24, 2008

CMI: Mamma Mia!

"So let me get this straight: We've ALL boned Meryl Streep's character? Even the kid? Even the half-black guy in the all-bad suit? EVEN COLIN FIRTH?!"

"There might not be anything as utterly... fun[.]"

"[I]t's kind of an impressive mess."

"The costumes look..., the choreography is..., and the cinematography's... real[.]"

"The year's most aggressive chick[s]... score... irresistibly.... [L]ike peaches in cottage cheese. "

"I honestly wanted to be a 'Dancing Queen'."

"[L]ike cotton candy, unsubstantial, brightly colored, way too sweet, and ultimately... meaningful.... Plus it might just make you just[.]"

"Haritomeno kai akros diaskedastiko panigyri elahistopoiimenis kinimatografikotitas, me aboli skinothesia periorismenis horografikis kai allis dimioyrgikotitas, se koyrastika kleisto optiko pedio (logiko, gia na pantreyontai to miso stoyntiako plastiko yli."

Friday, July 4, 2008

World's Most Accurate Search Engine!

I only cropped it. No other Photoshopping has been done.

Someone in the Charleston County Public Library System must have a sense of humor. They'll need it, since they certainly don't have a job, anymore.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CMI: Get Smart

Crap, the movie found us.

" amalgam of slapstick comedy, ...romance and, most desperately, rampaging action."

"There are numerous airplane stunt sequences, explosions and gunfights...(that) fatally bleed the character[s]...."

"Combining dull action-movie elements, badly cast movie stars and an uncomfortable romance, Get Smart has... all... its TV roots and most of the humor. "

Get Smart
[is] funny. And the action scenes [are] thrilling enough to make up for the [certainly, not the word 'lack'] of laughter."