Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CMI: The Last Song

"The Last Song" represents Miley Cyrus' first adult role.

Heaven help us all.

"The Last Song hits the big bong ... early on[.]"
Bangor Daily News (Maine)

"The film is engineered to entice... everyone else."
Slant Magazine

"[J]erked gracelessly and methodically. But this is what you want..., right?"

"Cyrus..., with her... overbite[,] does show off her considerable chops[.]"

"If you laid... Sparks, ... Cyrus, ... and simultaneously ... a surly teen (and piano prodigy) who’s forced to ... with her divorced father Steve (Greg Kinnear), her old keyboard teacher, at his Georgia beachfront home[,] ... while her younger brother Jonah (ultra-cutesy Bobby Coleman) idolizes the old man ..., [t]hen there’s the romance."
One Guy's Opinion

"I like Miley Cyrus... packaged[.]"

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