Thursday, March 13, 2008

Originally posted on Xanga 4/5/2006

These are women whose pics and profiles I've lifted from The links are there, so since you can go see it at the site I'm guessing it's not violating copyright law, or if it is then not too badly. Before someone notes that they're all women right now, don't worry: I'm going to do men eventually... wait, that didn't come out right... wait, I didn't mean "come out" like... nevermind.
Anyway, these are women who in a world past would be spinsters, old maids, and crochety old ladies who lost, couldn't find, or couldn't buy, a man; but today they are taking charge of their futures by posting unflattering images and brief, yet thoroughly unengaging biographies of themselves on a public website and thereby ensuring that they remain proud, confident, and alone in a new era where middle-aged women can... do... stuff.
I'm not positing that I'm better than these people -- far from it! These... are my people. My sisters and brothers. And although I obviously wouldn't physically touch any of them with a ten-foot pole (and I'm certain the feeling is mutual), I feel them. Emotionally. With a five-foot emotional pole. So, without further ado:

Images of Desperance
(some names have been completely made up)

First in our gallery is Sara. There isn't much I can say about dear Sara that she doesn't say for herself.

"Hi. I'm Sara, and I'm separated from my husband of 17 years because he left me for a man."

Self-described "bi-fem" Lisa has found an interesting method for coping with men's rapidly fading interest in her:
"I like ladies very much!"

Lisa's motto is, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" Our final entry illustrates that point even more clearly. Here, in all hir glory, is a lady I like to call "Frank."

"I am a woman with a past. (No shit, Frank.)
I am a post operative mtf transgender. That means that I am now physically the woman I always was in heart and soul. And I am willing to love and be loved by someone capable of understanding this." (Good luck.)

Doesn't he look like just a little like Robin WIlliams? It's like Mrs. Doubtfire TO THE EXTREME.

Well, you've squandered a few minutes reading this. Remember, when you're between relationships, that you damn well better settle on a partner (or a gender) before it's too late. Sure, you may get stuck with an awful person you don't love, but consider the alternative...

Yeah, I'd flip a coin for it too.

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