Thursday, July 24, 2008

CMI: Mamma Mia!

"So let me get this straight: We've ALL boned Meryl Streep's character? Even the kid? Even the half-black guy in the all-bad suit? EVEN COLIN FIRTH?!"

"There might not be anything as utterly... fun[.]"

"[I]t's kind of an impressive mess."

"The costumes look..., the choreography is..., and the cinematography's... real[.]"

"The year's most aggressive chick[s]... score... irresistibly.... [L]ike peaches in cottage cheese. "

"I honestly wanted to be a 'Dancing Queen'."

"[L]ike cotton candy, unsubstantial, brightly colored, way too sweet, and ultimately... meaningful.... Plus it might just make you just[.]"

"Haritomeno kai akros diaskedastiko panigyri elahistopoiimenis kinimatografikotitas, me aboli skinothesia periorismenis horografikis kai allis dimioyrgikotitas, se koyrastika kleisto optiko pedio (logiko, gia na pantreyontai to miso stoyntiako plastiko yli."

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